Friday, June 24, 2011

Beaver Creek State Park, Gretchen's Lock

This was sent to me from a lady named, Kris. I had met her while out at the Negley Festival. She was kinda enough to share this with me and everyone that reads the blog. I was very excited and very grateful to have her share this with me.
I would like to say a special thank you to Kris for Sharing this story with all of us.

The second Sunday in Oct 2007 we were having a family picnic in Sprucevale & that evening, approx 8:00 or 8:30 we were sitting around the campfire.  It was very dark except for the fire.  All of a sudden we heard a very strange sound, like a howl or a scream.  We thought it could have been a bird, but we just couldn't identify the sound, we continued enjoying the evening & a few minutes later we heard the same sound.  At this point we all felt a little uneasy & decided to pack our gear & get out of there quickly !!!!!   Earlier in the evening a group came by & told us they were "ghost hunters" & showed us pictures they took of "orbs" (sorry if incorrect spelling).  About 2 weeks after our family picnic in Sprucevale, I read a article in our Canfield newspaper about this group (Haunted Investigative Organization).  In the article, it told about their experience at Sprucevale on Oct 12, the same day we were there.  They explained that while they were on their investigation they sensed a presence & heard a howl or a scream just as we did.  Earlier in the day they found a single oddly shaped footprint in the mud on the bank of the creek.  They returned later & took a casting of the footprint.  It is very fascinating & I find it really interesting that they also experienced what we did on the same.

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